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Below are some testimonials and pictures from satisfied previous clients. A friendly, professional atmosphere provides fun, experienced hunts!



Larry, I wanted to take a moment to send you a letter in regards to our recent hunting adventure at your establishment, Stone’s Guided Hunts.   My son, Trevor, recently turned thirteen in June of 2015.  My wife and I wanted to give him a gift that he would always remember and talk about on such an important occasion, becoming a teenager!  Living in the Panhandle of Florida, Trevor was accustomed to and enjoyed hunting deer and turkey however he had yet to harvest a wild Florida boar.  After a lengthy process of online research we reached out to three possible outfitters whose information appealed to us and looked like a possible choice for the excursion we were looking for.   From my first verbal contact with Larry, who called in response to our online inquiry, I was impressed and looking forward to working with his outfit.  We discussed Trevor’s hunting experience and what his preferences might be.  Lodging at his camp was reserved and the date was booked for a weekend in July. We arrived on a Friday afternoon and the fun began with scouting on a Swamp Buggy.   Later that evening Trevor harvested his first wild boar which weighed about 250 pounds!   The next morning brought another  successful hunt which harvested a meat hog for the family.  The service we received at Larry’s was excellent!   Larry was a knowledgeable guide and ensured all had a great time.   Staff was available to handle skinning and cleaning the hogs after each hunt.  Thank you so much to Christy.  The location was convenient to necessities yet remote enough to be secluded and be a real hunt.  I would encourage any father who wants to get his son away from the Xbox for a weekend to check this place out.   Our expectations were certainly met and we will definitely look into some of the other hunts available at this outfit the next go around.  This was a great birthday gift for Trevor and it is something he will never forget.   Thanks again, James Bengry


Hi Larry,

As I thought, several members of my hunting club in New York are interested in going hog hunting with you. 
My son Keith is coming down on April 13th and he will be going along with probably one other for this time. 
A few other members will be making arrangements to fly down shortly after that.  I think it would be a good
idea to get them here before it gets too hot.  So far about 10 have expressed an interest.  When I get back
to NY in the middle of May I'll show the videos I took and more will be interested.  I'll take more when Keith
comes down and hunts with you.
What is your availability?
                                                                        Ken Battcher
     Larry.....sorry we were not able to get back to shoot......the boys returned to Michigan a couple of days early.......Michael
 Barton, Will and Drew Yardley all had wonderful times and will definitely visit you during Christmas vacation.
Thanks again....we had a great time on both hunts...we will be back....
We were 100% satisfied with our wild boar hunt at Stone's Quail Hunting property in Lake Wales, Florida.  Stone's 1500 acres of
land that is as natural as it was 100 years ago borders on thousands more acres of state land that is just teaming with wildlife. 
An abundance of deer and turkey sign along with wild, free range hogs made for a very enjoyable day.  Our 5 hours in the woods
went too quickly.  We will be back.
Ken Battcher
 My name is Jim Edwards. Last wednesday my son David and I had a hog hunt with Larry and let me tell you it far exceeded my
expectations. David got his first bow kill, a nice 180 pound boar and we met a couple of other great guys hunting with Larry who
also had success. Larry worked hard for us not only to see that our hunt was successful but he did every thing possible to see
that we had fun and enjoyed the complete experience. We had a good lunch , shot some clay pigeons and he even let David work
out with him in his weight room. Larry is more than an outfitter he is a hunters friend.
Michael and I had a wonderful time yesterday.....he hasn't stopped talking about the entire morning.....thank you very much.
Thanks......we will come again....perhaps two other grandsons who are coming in a week.
  Hi Larry,
                 Attached are a couple of pictures you may want to start with.  I have more along with some video on a disk and
                   will send it in the mail.  I think the files are too large for AOL to handle. You did a great job and your facility is the
                 best I have ever seen.  We will be back for more hawg hunting and of course turkey. We didn't see any deer this
time but from what I saw in your lodge it looks like they get as big as they do in New York.
     Ken Battcher

                      Larry, Eric and I would like to thank you for a great hunt. You went above and beyond to accommodate our needs and to make
                      sure we had a successful hunt. This was our first hog hunt and we were very pleased with the nice sow we harvested. You were
                      very professional and friendly and did not try to push us out of there after the kill, like many other guides do. We will definitely be
                      back next year and would recommend you to anyone looking for a great hunt.
                                                 Thanks again. Eric and Mary Wilson.

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Testomonials Continued:
Larry: Hey Ron, it's Pete Madri, the guy that came down with Ken Batcher. I'm
the one who tagged that boar from 125 yards that Dave hit with the arrow....very
enjoyable...I'll be back. Thanks for a fun hunt!

See photos attached. Sorry I didn't get one of your dad.
Larry Stone did a great job in building that place.  I've gone on several
guided hunts before and this one is the best facility I have seen.  Hope
to see you there again on my trips in the future.  It looks like there's a lot
of turkey there too.
More pix will follow.
Ken Battcher

Hi Larry, I just wanted to drop you a little note to tell you that I had a great
time on my hunt.  It was not quite what I visioned, but let me tell you that
while we were trying to get through the jungle it turned out to be a real rush
for me. Even though I was trying to make traps in the jungle with my knees.
Got home with a few scratches, and turning my wife's stomach, she asked if
the meat smelled and I told her to smell it, and her comment was that it did
not smell like she thought it would. I am looking forward to when she cooks
the meat, I think I will have a real feast.
Please also pass my gratitude to John for doing a good job with the knife.
I just want to thank you again and wish you nothing but the best and I hope
that we will get together again. Take care. Thank you so much.
Sincerely,  Mike