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 White Tail Deer Hunts - Includes Free Hog Hunt (Unlimited Hogs)
 Our hunting property here at Stone's Guided Hunts consists of Rye pasture grass, Palmetto berry bushes and Oak trees.  Acres of timberland, planted food plots and a year around feeder program. All of this makes for a tremendous wild life population.  
 Dates for Deer Season:   Bow or Crossbow Hunting -  Antlered or antlerless - Sept. - Oct. 
 Bow or Crossbow - Antlered deer only - Nov.
Muzzleloader, Bow, or Crossbow - Antlered deer only - Nov. - Dec.
Antlered deer entire season - Dec. - Feb.
Antlerless deer may be taken -  by all legal centerfire rifles and pistols, shotguns, muzzleloaders,
Crossbows and bows - Dec. - Jan.
Hunt: Free Range Whitetail Deer 
3 Days - $550. - (Includes Lodging for 2 nights, Check in - 2p.m.)
Additional Cost:   Doe - $600. -
 Additional Cost:  Buck - $200. - a point
         Combo Hunts:  10% off Total price
         Gun Rental  $50. - per hunt plus ammo cost
We ask for a 50% deposit to ensure validity. Deposits are not refundable.


Trophy White Tail Buck



It is the intention of SGH to provide the hunter, our guest, a reasonable opportunity to harvest whitetail bucks of the caliber advertised. In the event that opportunity does not present itself, you will be refunded the full booking fee. In the event a shot is attempted and/or a deer is wounded, the obligation of SGH deer hunt is met. Every reasonable attempt will be made to recover a wounded deer.

Your guide will confer and coordinate with you to determine deer to be harvested prior to taking a shot. You must receive approval from the guide before any shot is taken. Presentation of a whitetail buck in your class, approved by your guide for harvest will fulfill the obligations of SGH - there will be no booking fee refund.

Safety is the utmost important factor for any of our hunts. Alcohol consumption of any kind will end hunting for that day. Be sure to follow our instructions and rules provided by our guides for an unforgettable hunting and harvesting experience to be remembered forever.



SGH Hunts

The hunts are 3 days and 2 nights and the hunt includes food, lodging, trophy fee, transportation to and from your hunting location, skinning, caping, and field dressing. The price of our hunts include everything. There are no hidden fees. A 50% depost is due at the time of booking with remaining balance due upon completion of hunt (Deposit of which is not-refundable). 


Trophy White Tail Hunt Prices

Management HuntUp to 130″ class$3,000
Bronze Hunt130″-150 class$5,000
Silver Hunt150″-170″ class$7,000
Gold Hunt170″-190″ class$9,000
Platinum Hunt190″-210″ class$12,000


Haden with his Trophy White tail Buck.





Ray B. with his Trophy Red Stag
Red Stag on Exotic list on Home Page
Carol M. with trophy on April 21.
Pere David's Deer from Trophy Exotics List

Michael C. Publisher of North American Magazine with his Awesome Axis Buck.



~~~~GIFT CERTIFCATES AVAILABLE ~~~~ On Any Single Hunt or Combo Hunts ~~~~

Contact us for more info on deer hunts or with any questions that you may have.